Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Martin Bla┼żek

PhD: Czech Technical University in Prague,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, 2017
May 2017- Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences; Postdoc
Email: oynmrxz@smh.pm
Phone: +420 26605 2640
Address:   Office 207
Na Slovance 1999/2
182 21 Praha 8, Czech Republic

- Design and development of cryogenic vacuum chamber for testing of scientific photosensors.
- Image processing of raw CCD data from LSST (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope) testing facilities.

Selected Publications

  • Martin Blazek, Petr Pata, Adolf Inneman, and Petr Skala: Astronomical Tasks for Tests of X-Ray Optics in VZLUSAT-1 Nanosatellite, Advances in Astronomy, Vol. 2017, Article ID 3162892 (2017).
  • Blazek M., Pata P.: Image processing of Globular Clusters – Simulation for Deconvolution Tests (GlencoeSim), New Astronomy, Vol. 48, Pages 24–29 (2016).
  • T. Baca, M. Platkevic, J. Jakubek, A. Inneman, V. Stehlikova, M. Urban, O. Nentvich, M. Blazek, R. McEntaffer and V. Daniel: Miniaturized X-ray telescope for VZLUSAT-1 nanosatellite with Timepix detector, Journal of Instrumentation, Vol. 11, Article No. C10007 (2016)
  • Blazek M., Pata P.: Colour transformations and K-means segmentation for automatic cloud detection, Meteorologische Zeitschrift, Vol. 24, No. 5, 503–509 (2015)