Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Caner √únal

PhD:  University of Minnesota, 2018
2018-  Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences; Postdoc 
Email: hany@smh.pm
Phone: +420 26605 2173
Address: Office 240
Na Slovance 1999/2
182 21 Praha 8, Czech Republic

My research has focused mostly on the inflation, cosmological perturbations and observables, GWs and primordial black holes. I plan to grow my horizon in field theory, cosmology and gravity.

Selected Publications

  • J.Garcia-Bellido, M.Peloso and C.Unal, Gravitational Wave signatures of inflationary models from Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter,
    JCAP (2017) [arXiv:1707.02441[astro-ph.CO]]
  • J.Garcia-Bellido, M.Peloso and C.Unal, Gravitational waves at interferometer scales and primordial black holes in axion inflation,
    JCAP (2016) [arXiv:1610.03763 [astro-ph.CO]]

For a complete list of publications see INSPIRE-HEP.